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  • Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement This accredited qualification is intended for those who assess both occupational competence in the work environment and vocational skills, knowledge and understanding in environments other than the workplace (for example a workshop, classroom or other training environment).

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  • This qualification is suitable for you if you wish to obtain the Internal Verifier / Moderator role and quality assure assessors and assessment.The Level 4 Award (previously V1 award) in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (IQA) is a 12 credit and 90 guided learning hour qualification consisting of 2 mandatory units....

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  • The Level 3 Award in Education and Training (Ptlls) is an essential introduction for anyone wanting to work and teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. It is the ideal award for those with no previous Teaching experience or qualifications, as well as those already working in the sector who would like to gain an official qualification.

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  • The Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (Ctlls) is a requirement for anyone looking to work in a Teaching role at an associate position. This role carries less responsibility than that of a full teaching role. A nationally recognised qualification which allows you to progress onto the Level 5 Diploma, bringing you closer to being able to gain...

    £ 799.99
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  • The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training allows and qualifies you to work in the lifelong learning sector in a full teaching position within further education as well as in some secondary schools. With this certification you are able to apply for your Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).

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  • This course is essential for middle managers who are seeking to enhance their management skills and knowledge whilst introducing a variety of management techniques to support their role within the organisation.

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  • The Level 5 Award provides an introduction to the management and leadership skills, qualities and knowledge that may be required for employment in a particular vocational sector. 

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    The Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership is a UK accredited course which is internationally recognised. It is designed to enable middle managers to learn and perform their role more thoughtfully and more effectively. The content is also suitable for Owner Managers who wish to increase their knowledge in this area.

    £ 1,500.00

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